The Pine Fire catch up blog December.

A year in review.

I'm sure many of you reading this would agree, 2017 has been an almost indescribably odd year. A tough year at the best of times, and one that just may unite us as we reflect and ask ourselves...just what in the jimmy were we doing?

The progress of Kieru this year was great. We had a ripper start to the year with our appearance at PAX EAST and the trip to Boston that came with it. 
This, and a little plug on regional news gave us some great momentum and motivation to bring the next big thing to Kieru; A brand new game mode.
For those who have followed along with our blog posts, you'll know that the last major update was on our 'cart game mode'; A game mode that pushed strategy and team work. 
We indeed made great progress, and the game mode was fun enough... but something was off. 

Not to get too bogged down in the details, what we realized was that ultimately killing each other in Kieru just didn't feel fun. It wasn't cool, or impactful, or very ninja like. It lacked depth.  

So almost two months ago we put cart game mode on hold to finish what will really make the game amazing. The feeling of playing like a ninja. 

With our focus back on combat and movement, we've already made some really cool changes to some of the mechanics. The biggest of which being the 'blink'. We're super excited to show what changes we've made and present all the cool new ways to play Kieru in 2018. 

Outside of Kieru, 2017 has also brought some pretty rad changes to Pine Fire Studios.

We got ourselves a 100% legit office 

Admittedly this happened a while ago. After a time on the hot desks in Game Plus we were ready to upgrade and when the opportunity came, we leaped at it. Let me tell you, the difference between being out in the open and counseling our shame behind a closed door is night and day.  

Having the company logo above the door is also very sweet.

Another great achievement was that our project lead (ol’ jacky boy) got to offer his insight and wisdom along side our rising star musician, Kevin Penkin. In their talk ‘Texture and Tempo’ they opened up about how the music in Kieru works and the mechanics surrounding its implementation. It was an amazing opportunity to show an aspect of the game that is hard to get across in trailers or gameplay videos.

Kevin's music will shape not only Kieru’s vibe and feel but also how people play. Check it out below.

The last thing we were able to achieve before the end of the year was giving the ninja a bit of a nip and tuck, some new cool armor, a new katana and….a face!

There are some bigger reasons outside of just making the ninja look cooler (though that is defs a bonus). But we’ll talk more about that at a later date ;).

It's been turbulent year. After a well deserved and much, MUCH needed break, we hope to bust in to 2018 with all the knowledge from this years mistakes under our belt along with a fresh perspective on what will make Kieru the greatest blood soaked ninja game it can be.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and catch ya next year!